SPOKES for e-bikes

Battery capacity

When choosing the battery capacity one should consider what kind of battery will be applied in the vehicle.
The simulator and calculator give the results of battery capacity and energy, that the battery has to give away during work.


The most common batteries applied in electric bikes are lithium batteries. Those batteries are designed in such a way so that with large discharge currents that occur in electric vehicles, they maintain their capacity. That is: when choosing a battery with power adapted to engine, we can be sure that it will give away the amount of energy (Ah and Wh) that is written on it.


However, PB batteries (lead acid, AGM) are often used as cheaper substitutes. The design of these batteries is such that they are able to give away their capacity, but only with small discharge currents, while when drawing larger current their capacity decreases. For instance, an engine with power of 250W and voltage of 24V draws approx. 10.4A of current at nominal work. A PB battery, which gives away its full capacity at 2-3A of drawn current, when loaded with 10,4A current will give away only about 70-80% of its capacity. Detailed characteristics of capacity drop of PB batteries depending on the drawn current are specified in their catalog cards.

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