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For the needs of the simulation, a battery with the following parameters has been loaded: Capacity: 10 Ah, Energy: 360 Wh

BPM2 36V350W Front Driving E-Bike Motor Wheel

(HUB) Geared with freewheel
Voltage:36 V
Maximum current:23 A
Maximum efficiency:78 %
Torque:32 Nm
Nominal power:350 W
Peak power:828 W
Maximum speed:25 Km/h
More information
Bafang 36V350W Front Driving BPM Hub Motor E-Bike Wheel Packing List:
An optional 20"~28" Bafang 36V350W Front Driving BPM Hub Motor E-Bike wheel. Assembled a double wall aluminum alloy rim and 36pcs stainless steel spokes with brass nipples.

Bafang Front Driving BPM Hub Motor Specification:
1. Voltage: 36V
2. Connector: hall sensor and sensorless compatible
3. Brake type: For disc brake, Rim Brake, V-Brake.

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