SPOKES for e-bikes


This calculator allows to estimate what should be the minimum drive parameters to obtain the assumed speed and range of electric bike.
Speed:  km/h
Range at one battery charging:  km
Total weight of vehicle:  kg - more information
Nominal voltage of drive:  V
SUGGESTION: The indicated nominal voltage of drive may turn out to be too low to obtain the assumed speed km/h, thus we recommend to apply nominal voltage from: V
Other travel parameters are set for typical electric bike, that is: Rolling resistance: 0.013; Aerodynamics coefficient: 0.9; Face surface: 0.46m2

Suggested minimum parameters of drive:

Engine power:  W
Energy accumulated in battery:  Wh
Battery capacity  Ah - more information
If you have already estimated what should be the parameters of the drive you are interested in, you may try to search for it in our drive catalog

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Black spokes SAPIM Leader 2.3mm 13GSpokes SAPIM Leader 2.3mm 13GStainless spokes SM 2.6mm 12GStainless spokes SM 3.0mm 10GStainless black spokes SM 3.4mm 9GStainless spokes SM 2.6mm COLOR 12G

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